Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sherbet is back at Clover Cottage

Ah, how I have missed my flowerpot !
 Here I am back at Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane.
 I am a little bit tired after my long journey home on the aeroplane from St Lucia and I am all muddled up because  I woke up this morning very late indeed thinking it was very early indeed !  Oh dear !
 Also I went to bed very late last night because I was not tired. This must have been  because my little Sherbet Sheep brain was still living in St Lucia time.  That is a whole 5 hours difference.  I am also wondering if my life is now going to be 5 hours longer or 5 hours shorter . I will sit down at my kitchen table in a minute and  do my maths on a piece of paper  and see what the answer is.  It would be very nice indeed if I have 5 more hours of life to live . What fun !  It isn't really long enough to do a trip around the world but it may mean I have more time to plant  new vegetables in my garden . You will all be very glad to know that even though I have been sitting in the sun a little bit on my holiday, my ear tops are not burnt just a little bit pinker than usual.
  Back to thoughts of my garden, I have so much weeding to do but I will start tomorrow .
Love from Sherbetx

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