Sunday, 4 November 2012

Paris adventures with Sherbet Sheep. What fun!

Oh my goodness, I am having such a wonderful time here in my favourite city, Paris. One of the reasons that I love it here so much is all of the scrumptious food I can see everywhere in every single street and every single market.
It is so delightfully rainbow coloured and it reminds me of my vegetable garden at Clover Cottage except that I could not hope to grow all of the magnificent things I see here.  Every grocery and food shop window and market stall is truly a visual feast and my mouth is watering on every corner.
 I am going to put lots of my photos on my stories pages while I am here so that you can share my experience with me. I wish you could all be walking around these lovely streets with me. It is a little bit cold but I have my woolly coat to keep me warm. As you can see I am wearing a new French beret made for me by the very talented Kathy cat. She is truly very clever indeed .
 I found the very smelly cheese shop that is near to Mango's Auntie's house. I know that both Mango mouse and Manu mouse just love that smelly cheese but I just want to run away from
it !  I think you can see from my picture how very smelly it is, you may even be able to smell
 it !  I found myself  missing Clover Cottage a little bit when I saw a big bunch of carrots that looked a lot like the ones I grow in my garden, How beautiful they were, with lush green leaves and  the  best orange colour, just like carrots should be.
Oh what joy. I saw so many scrumptious looking herbs too,  just waiting to be put into a deliciously healthy dinner. Oh yummy,  I am very excited to see all of this scrummyness. I wish I could grow such big, huge bunches of herbs like the ones I see here.  You must forgive  me for being so madly happy at the sight of all of this absolutely delectable rainbow coloured perfection but as you know healthy food is one of my great passions and it is all displayed so beautifully everywhere I look, a real wonder to behold, as you will see in more of my photos tomorrow .

Tomorrow I will walk and walk and walk again. I might have a lovely ride on the metro too  I know that I am only a little Sherbet sheep but I am a very adventurous sheep and I like to fill my days up with happy things. I wonder what fun things I will see tomorrow.  I will wake up very early and I will go to the shop around the corner and buy a delicious, crunchy crusted baguette for breakfast.
 I must say that I ended my perfect day with a last look at the famous, magnificent Eiffel Tower.

 I am very grateful to have had such a lovely day today. I am very blessed and cannot wait until tomorrow. I wonder what surprises will be in store for me as I wander around the streets again. There is so much to see and to love here.

  When I went back to Mango's Aunty Manu mouse's  house, I tiptoed along on her squeaky floorboards ( they still squeaked loudly) and flopped down in absolute  tiredness. Oh what happy dreams I will have tonight. Goodnight  everyone. See you tomorrow.
From a very tired but happy Sherbet Sheepx

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