Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sherbet has arrived at the seaside but is very tired

Oh hello dear friends,  I must tell you that I have arrived at the seaside and I am very happy indeed to see the smiley face of my old friend Sheila sheep again.  I see that she has had her wool cut into a very lovely wavy style and she looks very beautiful indeed .
I am afraid I am not very good company for her yet though because I am very, very tired after my long journey so I am not quite ready to enjoy lovely long walks along the beach.  I am going to rest and sleep for a long time until I have my strength back then when I wake up I will have a spring in my step again and I will start to enjoy my little holiday by the sea and the very delightful company of my dear friend Sheila sheep.  I will see you all again when I wake up !
 Love from a very sleepy Sherbet sheep x

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