Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sherbet has fun going out to a bistro

I must tell you that I had a lot of fun going out to a bistro in a lovely little Parisian street.
 I am sure they are not used to seeing a sheep like me sitting on the table. The chairs were a little bit too big for me, not like Clover Cottage at all!

I had a truly delightful time reading the menu all in French . I must say that I did remember the French I learned at sheep school very well indeed.

 I am not used to going out in the dark.
  but here I am.  You can see a picture of me below on my walk back from the bistro

Where I live in Wiggleway Lane I only go out in daylight so it was fun for me to see the bright lights in Paris

I have lots of photos to show you of my adventures so I will put some here today and put some more tomorrow.

The only problem I had was that it has been raining a lot here in Paris and I did want to sit on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower and have my photo taken.
 The grass is wet and I don't think  it is good for me to sit on it.  I must say that I am a little bit worried as I have a little bit of a sore throat and I think it means that I may get a cold .  Oh dear!
On my home from the bistro, very near to Aunty Manu's house I saw a sign that reminded me of the new French Sherbet sheep that I have become in Paris.
 You see, as I said a minute ago I do not go out at night  usually, and now I have been very brave and gone out in the dark! The  little sign below is showing this new brave Sherbet sheep!
I am very proud of myself .

I know you may think I look a little bit drunk  after my evening out in Paris, because my clothes are all crooked, but you know me very well by now and you know I never drink anything except  mint tea, water, hot chocolate, freshly squeezed juices  and home made lemonade.

I think I must ask Kathy cat to make me a raincoat because I really do not like my wool to get wet in the rain or maybe I can find an umbrella that is small enough for me.

When I arrived  back to Aunt Manu's house, I was so tired that I could hardly walk up the stairs. I  have such little legs and the stairs are so steep and go up in a big spiral. I just had to sit down a minute and rest. There is a funny little sign on the old wooden stairs.  I am sure it has been there for hundreds and hundreds  and hundreds of years just like the very squeaky floorboards In Mango's Aunt Manu's house.
 It means WIPE YOUR FEET PLEASE !!  So I did!
Love from a very tired and happy Sherbet sheepx

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