Monday, 5 November 2012

Sherbet's delicious French breakfast

Oh what a delicious French breakfast I had this morning.
 I woke up early and when I looked out of the window I saw that it was a little bit rainy here in Paris.  Mango's Aunt Manu was still sleeping so I crept out trying not to squeak the floorboards too much.  I took myself on a lovely walk around the corner to a very special boulangerie where I found 2 beautiful crunchy crusted baguettes.
 The rain had stopped and I managed to get them home free of raindrops and soggy bits.
  Aunt Manu had made us a lovely hot pot of tea and had put out 2 kinds of scrumptious home made jam
( confiture). One was made of some special red peaches called vinyard peaches that grow on a tree in Manu's mother's garden, and the other one was made of juicy French apricots.  I could not decide which was the best so I was a little bit greedy and spread both of them on my bread. Yummy yum, I enjoyed my breakfast so much, what a treat it was for me .
 It was Sunday yesterday and it was very quiet in the streets around Manu's house. We both went out and walked and walked, looking in the delightfully beautiful shop windows as we went, the sky was blue, and it was not very cold.  We are eating so much delicious food every day that we wanted to get lots of exercise and so we did,  but when we came home we both felt very tired and just flopped down  and relaxed with a lovely cup of tea.  Yesterday I had bought myself a lovely present from a wonderful shop. A brand new drawing book. Here it is in my picture. Doodle will be very proud of me that I am taking the time to draw while I am here.
I must rush off now as we are going to eat in a very cosy Parisian bistro. I will talk to you all again tomorrow. Love and hugs from a very French Sherbet sheepx

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