Friday, 24 February 2012

Buttercup, the naughty cow

Oh dear , I see the farmer at the end of Wiggleway Lane has left his big, green farm gate open. I will tell you how I know this. As you may or may  not know, I can not actually see Greengate Farm from where I live because we are at opposite ends of the lane and it is also a very wiggly lane.
Here is the story.  This morning, it was a lovely, sunny day and I awoke bright and early, eager to do some weeding in my garden. I was just walking around the side of Clover Cottage picking up fallen twigs as I went, when I heard a very loud MOOOOOO!  I thought to myself that I do not usually hear the cows mooing from Greengate Farm unless the sound travels here on a windy day. Well, I peeped around the back of my cottage and there was a beautiful brown and white cow munching away at  the fresh green grass on my lawn.  I  told him I was very happy to see him there and I hoped he was enjoying the grass but I also told him  the farmer would be missing him and that he was a very naughty cow to come away from the farm without telling the farmer where he was going .
 I did allow him to finish his breakfast as maybe my lawn was a bit tastier than his farmyard breakfast!.
Ten minutes later. I put a loose, comfy, soft lead around his neck( I was careful not to pull too hard or frighten him) and led him back to the farm. The big, green gate was still open so I led him right through and put him back in his field. The farmer saw me and was so grateful. He had not even noticed the open gate yet. I told him the cow had already eaten his breakfast and he thanked me again for taking care of his cow who was called Buttercup.


fengirl said...

Your grass is so green and crunchy and fresh, Sherbet, that it was just too enticing for Buttercup. Maybe you need to give the farmer at Greengate Farm some tips on improving his grass for the cows ;-)

Sherbet Sheep said...

Well you see Miss fengirl, I think the grass on my lawn is so lovely because when it doesn't rain, I water it with my watering can or my hose ( the same way I water my one pink rose) and it keeps it green and scrumptious. The farmer has lots of fields and lots of grass at his farm and sometimes it goes dry and brown. I am sure he is far too busy to water his grass when the rain doesn't fall. If I let him borrow my watering can or my hose, I do not think he would have the time to use them.