Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mango is a very helpful mouse but a little bit naughty

Early this morning, I heard a tiny knock on my door. It was Mango all eager and ready for work. I let him in to my cosy kitchen and I shared my delicious breakfast with him. I must say I have been eating so much of Pearl's scrumptious blackberry jam, that the jar is now more empty than full. After Mango had so very kindly washed up the breakfast dishes, we started work in the garden. It was a lovely, sunny day so I was not worried that Mango would catch cold. I spent all morning weeding and was so pleased to see the garden looking all neat and tidy again. Mango did a really wonderful job of gathering all of the leaves together. He was a little bit naughty though, as when I looked around, I saw him jumping up and down in his pile of leaves and nearly getting lost in them. Mango is becoming rather famous for getting himself lost in leaves but I did manage to pull him out before he disappeared completely!