Saturday, 25 February 2012

A rainbow coloured sunny day in Sherbet's garden

What an absolutely, scrumptiously, warm, rainbow coloured day it is today. It is so bright and lovely and sunny that I am just sitting in my garden sunbathing. I must be careful not to make my cheeks too pink as Pearl is always telling me that it is very bad to burn my delicate skin in the sun but she also tells me that it is healthy to let the sun shine on me as it gives me vitamin D which is good for my teeth and  bones! Pearl is so wise she knows so many things especially things that are good for me so I will take her advice and make sure that I do not sit here too long, just long enough to give me a healthy glow!!  Love from Sherbet x


thecrazysheeplady said...

Sometimes sheep can sunburn their ears too, so keep an eye on your ears as well :-).

fengirl said...

That's good advice crazysheeplady, I would hate Sherbet to get burnt ears :(

Sherbet Sheep said...

Oh dear, the tops of my ears are feeling a little bit tender. I must stay out of the sun tomorrow