Monday, 13 February 2012

An unwelcome visitor to the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane

Oh dear, this morning there was some alarming news from the farmer at the end of Wiggleway Lane. A red fox had been seen hiding behind a bush watching the chickens, no doubt he had a tasty chicken dinner in mind. The farmer told me that his sheep were alarmed and all ran away and gathered together in the corner of the field. This is how the farmer knew there may be a naughty fox around. Luckily all the animals at the farm were safe as the Sheep Dog came to the rescue. The Sheep Dog saw the fox and barked his loudest, most scary bark and frightened the fox away. The Sheep Dog had been waiting for a good opportunity to be a guardian angel to his sheep and I must say he did a very good job. We all hope the fox will never come back again to frighten all the animals in and around Wiggleway Lane and Clover Cottage. Thank goodness we are all safe. Thank you Sheep Dog for your good work in protecting us all.

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