Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A very worrying virus

I have woken up to some very worrying news. The farmer at Greengate Farm knocked on my door this morning and told me that there is a nasty virus flying around in our part of the countryside. This virus is harmful to lambs! I am very worried for the sheep at Greengate farm and also I am worried for all of my sheep friends in all of their fields everywhere. Fortunately I am in no danger as I live at Clover Cottage. The virus has a very long name and it has come here from far far away. The farmer had to spell the name of this terrible thing for me. It is called Schmallenberg virus. I want all the sheep from nearby and far far away to know that I am sending them all my love and I pray for them all to have an enormous ring of protection around them to keep them safe.


fengirl said...

Oh Sherbet, what a worrying time it is for your sheep friends far far away and nearby. I will pray for you all too. (((HUGS))) x0x0x0x0x

Sherbet Sheep said...

Thank You Miss fengirl for your kind concern. I hope to hear that my sheep friends from far far away are safe and happy.