Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snow and apple pie

This morning I felt like going for a lovely walk along Wiggleway Lane. I asked Mango and Doodle to go with me as the air was fresh and clean and I thought it would do us all good to breathe in some lovely fresh air. Pearl was too busy baking apple pies to come with us but as we are all looking forward to tasting the scrumptious pies, we did not mind that she was not there to enjoy the walk with us. It was a very quiet, cold day, there were no birds singing in the trees and no bees buzzing and no frogs croaking. We walked in silence just enjoying the peace. We were just passing the farm which seemed deserted, as all of the animals were resting in their cosy barns and stables, when it started to snow. We were all so surprised to see how quickly the snow flakes were settling on our heads. Poor, little, shivering Mango.  I picked him up quickly and tucked him into my wool and we all hurried back to Clover Cottage where Doodle made us all mugs of delicious hot chocolate. We soon warmed up and a little while later there was a knock on the door and when I opened it, there stood Pearl holding two lovely apple pies.  How lovely, we were now all together and spent a lovely, cosy morning enjoying each others company and eating warm apple pie.

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