Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sherbet feels very blessed

Oh what a pleasant morning it is at Clover Cottage. I woke up very early to the sound of bird song and as I walked into my garden to enjoy the feel of the morning sunshine on my face and to breathe in the lovely fresh air I looked up and saw rows and rows of pretty birds singing sweetly in the trees. How wonderful, what a beautiful way to start my day. I said hello to them all and thanked them for choosing my garden to sing their lovely chorus in. I am sure it made a very pleasant start to the day for all the little creatures in my garden too. I have heard that the best things in life are free. How true that is ! Sunshine, bird song, little creature friends, new and old friends from near and far, walks along Wiggleway Lane, the perfume of the flowers in my garden and the fruit and vegetables that grow in all the colours of the rainbow. I am so blessed to have so many things around me that give me joy.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Sherbet, I'm thinking about planting a whole garden of lavender this spring. I think my bees would like it and I'd like it to dry and make sachets to protect all my sheep's wool before it's spun into yarn. You have such a wonderful garden. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions or tips?

The Crazy Sheep Lady aka B. Willard's mom

Sherbet Sheep said...

Oh how lovely, I do love lavender. There are lots of lavender fields close to Clover Cottage. I also have a lovely patch of it in my garden. Doodle loves to pick it and make little pillows stuffed with lavender, we all love to sniff the wonderful perfume and I especially love to put lavender oil on my wool to keep the moths away. Well, I can give you a little advice for your lavender garden,it is difficult to grow from seed so starting with little plants is a better idea. Lavender likes lots of sun and only needs watering when the soil is dry. It is also a good idea to plant on a little slope probably because lavender does not like to have wet roots . I am sure B.Willard and my other new sheep friends will really love their wool to be protected by scrumptiously smelling dried lavender . I think maybe they would also like to put some lavender perfume behind their ears on special occasions as I do sometimes. Love to all my fragrantly smelling new sheep friends from far far away Sherbet x

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh good, our garden is already on a little bit of a slope. Mom will be happy to know that's helpful. I myself like to get pretty dirty and smell like frogs and mud from down at the creek, but my friend Mia is very pretty and I think she'll be excited to hear she can be a Lavender Jacob instead of a Lilac Jacob. Thanks!

B. Willard