Friday, 17 February 2012

Crocodile Dream

Last night I had a very silly dream and I cannot imagine why I had that dream. I was fast asleep all night long and when I woke up I remembered my dream straight away as though it were real. Now that I am telling it to you, it seems even sillier. There was a dancing crocodile. he was dancing across a stage, there was very catchy music playing and he was singing along to the music. He just kept dancing backwards and forwards and I was being entertained as if it were a Broadway show but I was the only one in the audience! A show just for me alone! I have no idea what this dream could mean but it was a happy dream and so I imagine it must mean something happy. He was not a scary crocodile, he was a friendly crocodile, he was even wearing a wristwatch! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I will ask Pearl if she knows anything about dreams. She probably does as she is very wise and always has good answers to my questions and my problems. I am so lucky to have a wise friend like Pearl.


Sheila Pratt said...

Dearest Sherbet,

I think the dancing Crocodile is telling you that you are happily engaged in the dance of life, a dance that is different than all others, but very much your own dance. I believe the watch was to tell you to dance to your own time and rhythm. xoox


Sheila and Pinky Levanna

Sherbet Sheep said...

Dear Sheila and Pinky Levanna,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my crocodile dream. You seem to be as wise as Pearl. Yes, I think you are right, I have been told that I am very much my own kind of sheep, at least it is true that I have never met another sheep like me even at Greengate Farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane. I do not have my own wristwatch but I did observe myself at my birthday party dancing in a way that seemed to be in a rhythm that did not fit in with everyone else so I do think you are absolutely correct about that too. Thank you so much, I am very grateful to have such wise new friends from far far away.
Love from Sherbet X