Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kathy Cat cooks a scrumptious meal for Sherbet Sheep

Well, I have very good news today, I have heard from my new sheep friends from far far away that Hug a Sheep Day is on October 27th so it gives all of us sheep plenty of time to make sure our wool is silky soft and smelling sweet ready for a lovely day full of hugs. I must say that I do feel particularly handsome lately after the lovely bath I had before my party. Pearl put some special lotion on my wool to bring out my curls and even though I am usually a very modest sheep, I must say that when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought I looked just like a film star. Forgive me if I sound a little vain but it is always best to be honest. I actually have a guest here with me today at Clover Cottage. Kathy Cat has come to share a meal with me and not only is she sharing a meal but she is at this very moment in my cosy kitchen very kindly cooking it for me. We both love to eat lots of vegetables in all the colours of the rainbow, so I picked her a big basket full of fresh, healthy vegetables from my garden and she is inventing something very scrumptious with them, I know this as there are some very delicious smells coming from my kitchen and it is making me very hungry.  Yummy Yummy said my tummy! Oh, Kathy Cat  has just called me and told me that the food is ready . I must rush off now .  Goodbye for now. Love Sherbet x

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