Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sherbet gets a lovely surprise when Dot the spotty cat brings him some flowers and a message from Kathy Cat

What a pleasant surprise I had this morning. Kathy Cat has sent one of her friends over to give me a message and some flowers. Her friend is called Dot, she is covered in beautiful pink spots. The message is that Kathy Cat will be coming to my birthday party tomorrow. Even though she lives far far away she will find her way here by riding on her friend Kizzie the horse. She said she will also bring Milly Mouse who will ride on Kizzie's head and keep her balance by holding onto Kizzie's ears. That will be lovely,  I do so look forward to seeing my friend Kathy Cat again and maybe as she is coming so soon she can remind Doodle of the names of the trees. I think it is so wonderful how all of my friends are helping each other especially when some of them are so little like Milly Mouse. It would be very difficult for her to come all the way here on her own as her legs are so tiny it would take her such a long time that she would miss the party.

I had a lovely bath this afternoon to make myself especially handsome for my party tomorrow. I used some lovely scented  bubble bath given to me as a birthday present from Pearl, it was scented with flowers from my garden. How lovely it feels to have soft, clean, scented wool.

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