Saturday, 4 February 2012

What an amazing birthday party!

What an absolutely wonderfully amazing birthday party I had yesterday. Thank you all so much for sharing it with me. Clover Cottage looked so beautiful, full of multicoloured balloons and vases of flowers that Mango so kindly gathered from my garden. I had such a lovely surprise, all of my closest relatives came from their fields near and far. They were in such a happy mood and had such fun dancing the conga all around my garden. We all laughed and clapped with joy.

Then it was the turn of all the pigs from the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane. They all danced in a long long conga line too. Oh what fun we all had watching them. It was so exciting that we all joined in, and our conga line spilled over into Wiggleway Lane. I hope we didn't disturb my neighbour the farmer. Oh how we all enjoyed ourselves. We had rainbow coloured cupcakes and we played all our favourite party games. I knew a surprise was coming to me, and Pearl told me to close my eyes. Everyone gathered around and became very, very quiet. Even the birds in the trees had closed their beaks. Even the frogs in the pond had stopped croaking. Even the caterpillars had stopped munching the lettuce. Even the hedgehogs had stopped rustling in the leaves. There was perfect silence. All of a sudden everyone started to sing:


I opened my eyes, and, oh my goodness, there stood two beautiful fairies holding a stupendous birthday cake. I could not believe my eyes, the cake was so huge and full of all the colours of the rainbow. Pearl cut the cake and Doodle and Mango handed everyone a scrumptious piece each. It was such a lovely cake, I think it was called a fairy cake. How so very kind of my best friends to do this for me. I am so very blessed and I am so very grateful to have such wonderful friends, both old and new and how lovely to see all my relatives again. My old friends Reginald Rabbit, Kathy Cat, Milly Mouse, Kizzie the horse, Sheila Sheep and Mark Mole stayed the night cosily in my cottage as they came from far far away. Thank you all for coming to my party. It was so wonderful.  You know you are always most welcome. Love Sherbet x


KathyB. said...

Oh Sherbet, happy birthday! What a wonderful birthday you had. What does fairy cake taste like? Is it as delicious as it is pretty?

Eli & Ada said...

Happy belated birthday Sherbet! - Eli

Happy birthday to you. I hope that you had a nice birthday. - Ada

Yummy that cake sure looks good! - Lisa