Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pearl gives Sherbet lots of new jam

You know, every time I have sat down to my breakfast lately I have been noticing that I am running out of the delicious jam that Pearl makes for me.
The last time Pearl came to share breakfast with me she also saw that the jam jar was more than half empty in fact it was six eighths gone!  Yes I know you are all very impressed with my arithmetic, I will let you into a secret, Doodle taught me how to do my sums as he is very creative and has to work out problems all the time especially when he makes things out of wood and clay and bits he finds in nature,  he is always doing sums and measuring and making sure things are equal on both sides and things like that. Doodle loves doing sums and says that if he had not learned his sums  he would not be able to make all the wonderful things he makes that give him such joy. I am so grateful to Doodle for teaching me too as it helps me so much when I have to weigh and measure the ingredients for  my lovely healthy recipes and when I have to plant seeds in equal rows in my garden it is easier to get it right.
Well now, back to my jam story. Pearl told me that she had  a cupboard full of lots of different types of jam that she made in the Summer after I had given her lots of fruit from my garden.  She said she would bring a nice selection to me tomorrow morning . Oh good,  I can't wait to see my kitchen cupboards full of jam in all the colours of the rainbow.

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