Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I wish you all a lovely day filled with lots of love and hugs and flowers and harmony and sweetness and light. I must say that today I am blushing again as I have received a Valentine's card from my mystery admirer. It had been pushed under my front door early this morning and I found it just as I was about to prepare my breakfast. Well, I opened the envelope very slowly and inside there was a beautiful card with hearts on the front and inside it said  To Sherbet Sheep with love from a secret admirer! I feel very flattered and take it as a great compliment that someone is thinking of me with such affection. I put the card on my kitchen table where I could look at it as I ate my breakfast. I was wondering who could have sent it, when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and my dear friend Pearl Pig was standing there.

Pearl had brought me a bunch of snowdrops from her garden as a Valentine's gift and I asked her if she knew who could have sent me the card. Pearl told me that she did actually know but was not sure if she should tell me as it was a secret. I asked her very nicely to please tell me so that I could solve the mystery and she decided that I really should be told so that I should not lose sleep over it. She told me that my admirer was in fact at my birthday party but was too shy to talk to me. It is in fact a friend of Pearls who came to the party with a cow from the farm at the end of Wiggleway  Lane. Pearl told me that her friend's name was Poppy Pig and that she was very pretty but very shy.

She told me that at my party she was dancing with her ballroom dancing partner, Crispin Cow. Now that I think back to my party I do remember a pretty pig glancing at me shyly from the corner of her eye and I remember she blushed when I smiled at her while we were all eating birthday cake. Now the mystery is solved, I must remember to thank her for the lovely red rose  that she left on my doorstep and then she will know that I know that she is my admirer, but not so secret anymore !!


Sheila Pratt said...

Pinky Levanna and I are flying by, from our fairy garden,Recapturing The Sparks, Sherbet, to wish you the most joyous of Valentine's Days.

Pinky Levanna says to tell you that she knows you spread love, kisses, hugs and LIGHT all year round, not just on Valentines' Day. She loves getting to know you and the wonderful friends in your world. Thanks for being our friend.

Much love,

Sheila Pratt Rothenberg and Fairy Dawgie, Pinky Levanna


Sherbet Sheep said...

Dear Sheila, Fairy Dawgie and Pinky Levanna,
How lovely to receive your Valentine greetings.
Thank you so much Pinky Levanna for your heart warming words .I will show them to Pearl, Doodle and Mango. It is true that here at Clover Cottage, we live in a world of light and love and we wish the same for the whole wide world. Love from Sherbet X