Friday, 10 February 2012

A kind Sheep Dog

 This morning, I went  for a little walk to tell all the sheep at the farm at the end of Wiggleway  Lane about Hug a Sheep Day.They were so happy to hear my news even though we are not sure which day it is yet. I will have to ask my new sheep friends from far far away to let me know which day it is. When I had returned back to Clover Cottage after my walk, I was just sitting in my garden resting under my oak tree, when the black and white Sheep Dog from the farm came to look for me. He came over to say hello, I gave him  a drink of milk from the jug of milk I keep for the hedgehogs and asked him why he had come to look for me. He told me that the sheep had told him the news and he wanted to help to look after all the sheep who gather together for Hug a Sheep Day. He said it was his job to make sure none of the sheep get lost and he wanted to be a kind of guardian angel on that special day.
What a good idea!  What a kind Sheep Dog he is. I told him I would really welcome his help when the special day comes.


thecrazysheeplady said...

I wonder if your sheep dog friend might also have a guard dog friend? We used to not like our dog, Hank, but now we do because we know he works hard to keep us safe. I bet he would like to drink some milk too. He stole the shepherd's coffee cup this morning. She thought it was pretty funny because he buried it down by the creek.

Well, talk to you later!

B. Willard
"The Patch"

Sherbet Sheep said...

Hello B. Willard,
How lovely to hear from you,
I am afraid we only have one dog especially for sheep at the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane. The other dogs would not make very good guard dogs but some do have great big barks that can sound quite scary and the naughty fox that lives in the woods over the hill usually does not come near the farm even though I know he may have juicy chicken in mind for his dinner.
I imagine that "The Patch " is your very own piece of field. I do hope you have fresh, green scrumptious grass to munch on like I have at Clover Cottage. Love SherbetX