Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sherbet has a new soft comfy scarf

 Hello, my dear friends from all over this planet Earth  ( and any aliens from other planets that may be listening in too, I might add).
 As you can see I am wearing my new red boots again.  You may also have noticed that I am wearing a really beautiful, warm scarf.  This scarf is a very special scarf.  It was given to me on my birthday by my dear friend from the seaside, Sheila sheep.  She is very, very clever indeed because she made this with her own hands and knitting needles,  especially for me.  I know it was made with love because I can feel it in my very soul. It is the softest most comforting scarf I have ever worn in my life.  It is keeping me very warm in this cold windy weather and I feel very blessed to be able to wear it.  It goes very well indeed with my lovely outfit that Kathy cat made me . Oh what a lucky Sherbet sheep I am to have such wonderful, talented  friends that love me enough to make clothes for me.
Love from a very grateful Sherbet Sheepx  

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