Monday, 11 February 2013

Sherbet is cleaning his cottage

Oh, there you are !
 Hello my dear, dear loyal friends from nearby and far far away.  I have been a very naughty Sherbet  Sheep as I have not written my stories for a few days now and I know that I have some truly wonderful fans who like to read my stories every single day..
 I must tell you that I am not just
sitting around being lazy,  I am being very busy indeed.  I have been cleaning  all the cobwebs away from Clover Cottage and putting everything back in it's place that has somehow found it's way out of it's place.
 I am a little bit worried that when I clean the cobwebs away,  I may be destroying a nice spider's home.  I am being very careful to only clean away the old abandoned webs and if I see a spider in his web I try not to frighten him and leave him in peace to enjoy his life.  As you know, all of the little creatures in and around Clover Cottage are very special and each of them has his own little purpose here on this planet earth so I try to  do my very best to help them have a happy life.
 Love from Sherbetx

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