Monday, 4 February 2013

Sherbet has new boots

Oh what a lovely day I had yesterday.
 As you know it was my birthday.  The very same day as the birthday of Reginald Rabbit.
 At half past five yesterday evening  Pearl, Doodle and Mango arrived at my kitchen door.  It was a little bit cold outside,  so I quickly invited them in to share the wonderful warmth of my log fire.
  How lovely it was to see them on my birthday.  How blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.
 Pearl announced that she was going to cook a delicious birthday meal for me and so she began to prepare an amazing selection of rainbow coloured vegetables -  with the help of Mango and Doodle. They were all so very kind and told me to sit and relax on my comfy chair in front of the fire while they did all the work.  What luxury !  I found myself being spoiled all evening long by my dear, precious friends.  After dinner and a truly scrumptious birthday cake,  they each produced a gift for me.  How exciting !   Each box was the same size  but wrapped in different coloured paper.  In  the first box  given to me from dear, wise Pearl,  I found a beautiful new pair of red boots,  I put them on straight  away, they were a perfect fit.  You can see me wearing them in the picture.  The next box was given to me by Doodle, and guess what ?  Inside I found another pair of boots, this time they were black.  How lovely !  The last box was given to me by dear, little Mango mouse,  he watched me open the gift with great excitement!   And guess what again ??    Inside the box I found another pair of new boots and this time they were grey !   Oh what a lucky Sherbet sheep I am to have so many pairs of new boots.   I can't wait to wear them all,  but only one pair at a time of course.  How kind and thoughtful my friends are.  I am so grateful to them all for making my birthday so special.
Love from Sherbetx  

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