Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Oh dear, Sherbet found a slug on his basil plant

Oh my dear friends,  I am sitting here truly wishing that you are all having the most rainbow coloured day that you could ever imagine.  I am feeling a little bit tired as I have been working very hard in my garden. You may not be surprised to hear that this morning I found a very naughty slug on one of the leaves of my basil plant.  I picked him off still clinging to the tasty leaf and took him for an early morning walk with me to the other end of Wiggleway Lane, where I introduced him to a new home in a field full of wild flowers.  He was still  munching on his last delicious meal from my garden when I put him in the field.  I do hope he will be very happy there and that he finds some delicious leaves to feast on.  I am a little bit worried that I may have taken him away from his friends but I am sure he will find new ones.  I must tell you though that I am very relieved indeed that my basil plant now has a good chance of growing up safely without ragged leaves..
 Love from Sherbetx

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