Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sherbet visits Doodle in his art studio

It was such a lovely breezy, warm morning that I decided I would have a pleasant, healthy walk to visit Doodle in his art studio. I packed a little picnic with some of Pearl's  homemade bread  and some freshly picked tomatoes from my garden, and  poured some  crunchy sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds into a little bag. I was sure Doodle would be glad to share it with me when I arrived.
 I certainly enjoyed my walk along Wiggleway Lane, taking notice of all the new fresh green leaves that are springing up in the trees and the bushes. Oh and how lovely it was to stop and look closely at the abundance of wild flowers in the hedgerows. It is such a delight to have the time to be close to nature. I picked up a tiny green grasshopper and he stayed on my shoulder all the way to  Doodle's art studio. It was fun to have my new little friend with me as I do love all the little creatures.
 When we reached Doodle, we found him as usual being very creative. He was painting one of his big pots in all the colours of the rainbow and I noticed he had signs to remind himself to feed his tadpoles and to collect some stones.  Now, when I saw Doodle hard at work making beautiful things it reminded me very much of my 2 dear friends who have moved away from a house not far from the house of Marise Mouse, they are called Ada and Eli and I am thinking of them now as I know they are both very good at being creative and they paint lovely pictures.
 I am very sure that even though they now live far far away they would love to come and feed tadpoles with Doodle and help him paint his pots. Oh how lovely it is to be around Doodle today and to see all the interesting things in his life. I am very blessed to have such a creative friend like Doodle. Love from Sherbetx 


thecrazysheeplady said...

What a great studio you have there Doodles!

ada said...

Thank you,forthegitpostlovada

Lisa M. said...

What a lovely way to think of Eli and Ada! They were just drawing pictures this morning. They love seeing Doodle's studio too - hopefully one day we'll have room to make an art studio too! For now, every/any room is an art studio. We miss you too Sherbet! (And in case you couldn't tell, Ada typed her comment all by herself!!)

Sherbet Sheep said...

Dear Ada, How lovely to receive your beautifully written comment.
I do hope you will write to me again. if you keep looking at my stories, I will show you a bigger picture of Doodle's art studio. All around it he has such exciting things. When Mango, Pearl and I feel like having a special adventure we go there.
Please give a big rainbow coloured hello to yourself from me, your special friend Sherbet, and one for Eli too . Love from Sherbetx