Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sherbet’s rhubarb pie dream comes true

Yippee, I had the most delightful surprise this morning . When I walked into my vegetable garden to check on my naughty slugs, there in front of my eyes were huge stalks of ripe rhubarb, all ready for me to pick. My rhubarb pie dream is coming true ! I rushed back into  Clover Cottage, had my breakfast, put on my gardening gloves and boots and then, Oh what a joy – I gathered the most beautiful bunch of rhubarb stalks I had ever seen. I piled them into my bicycle basket and rode along Wiggleway Lane to reach Pearl’s house. I was very careful not to bump my rhubarb too much as I did not want to bruise it. When Pearl saw my smiling face and my armfuls of rhubarb she guessed what I was so excited about as she knows how much I love Rhubarb pie. Pearl promised to make the pie in her most special way and we planned to invite Doodle and Mango to a special dinner tonight at Clover cottage to share Pearl's scrumptious pie.
Dreams do come true! It’s true!
Love from Sherbetx

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