Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Marise Mouse is very naughty indeed but a very good yoga teacher

Yesterday Mango Mouse told me that his dear little friend Marise Mouse was very good at yoga so I invited her over to Clover Cottage to give me a yoga lesson.
I had asked her to come at 9.30 this morning and I waited and I waited   I looked out of my garden gate all along Wiggleway Lane and there was no sign of her. Oh dear, I did so hope she had not had an accident while cutting her cheese and bread for breakfast. Just as I was about to call Mango to go and look for her, there she was running as fast as her little legs would carry her . She was so out of breath, I secretly thought Oh dear again , I hoped she would be Ok for our yoga lesson. Marise told me she had been to a birthday party the evening before and she had gone to bed late and woke up very tired in the morning. What a very naughty mouse Marise is.  A very naughty mouse indeed!  I told her I forgave her, she had been very worried about not arriving on time. We then began a wonderful yoga lesson under my oak tree. I stretched up and down and sideways and over and under and inside out and my goodness I found myself in positions that I did not think were possible for a sheep like me. Afterwards we lay down on our backs and relaxed for a lovely long time with the sounds of my birds tweeting in our ears. How lovely it was. I feel all new again! Thank you Marise Mouse.

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