Thursday, 10 May 2012

Doodle and Sherbet share delicious pea soup

What a beautiful morning ! I am sure I had sweet dreams, even though I do not remember them -  as I awoke with a big smile on my face.  I know it had rained a lot in the night as I heard it pitter pattering down onto my roof, and I was just preparing myself to go and find any naughty slugs that were having breakfast on my tomato plants, when there was a knock on my kitchen door.  It was an absolute delight to me to find my dear friend Doodle standing there. He does not often have time to visit me as he is always working in his art studio.  He was carrying his usual string of peas, he says he loves the smell of freshly picked peas and I must say I agree with him, they have such a deliciously crunchy green pea kind of perfume which makes me want to make a big pot of pea soup. Oh what a good idea. I will invite Doodle to stay for lunch and we will share a scrumptious, healthy soup. Now, all we have to do is gather enough peas from my garden. We will sit on my kitchen doorstep in the morning sunshine and shell them together. It is such a pleasure to spend some time with my dear friend Doodle, preparing a lovely pea soup together.

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