Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sherbet wonders at the miracles in his garden

Have you ever wondered how the tiniest caterpillar in the world, can know that there are some tasty basil leaves growing way above his head in a very tall terra cotta pot?  Somehow his little brain ( or his instincts or his sense of smell) knows that he must climb up the steep edges of a pot and there he will find newly growing leaves to nibble on. Well, that is what happened to me this morning, when I found a tiny caterpillar walking around the top of my tall pot of new basil. I stood there and wondered. I wondered at the miracle of the little caterpillar and his world, I wondered how he knew the basil was there, I wondered at his intelligence and instincts that tell him to climb the pot.  I think I will just sit down in my garden and focus on all the amazing, microscopic events that are happening all around me every day in my grass and around my plants. I am forever grateful for all the blessings surrounding me. Isn't life wonderful? Isn't life just truly magnificent? Love from Sherbetx

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