Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sherbet arrives home to Clover Cottage

Oh my goodness, it seems that I have been away such a long time. I had a really wonderful time staying with Kathy Cat. I did stay longer than intended as I do so enjoy her company. I was so very surprised to see all of the cats from Greengate Farm waiting for me by my kitchen door. Oh dear, that was very strange, they all looked so hungry and I saw that there  was no milk left in the hedgehog saucer ( Doodle had been feeding the hedgehogs while I was away)  I could only imagine that the farmer at Greengate Farm was away too as the cats had not been fed. I do hope he is not unwell. When I take the cats back I will go and make sure that all is normal at the farm.  Pearl always says it is very important to be kind to our neighbours and the Farmer is my only neighbour in Wiggleway Lane so I am very happy to be a good friend to him. I must rush off now and search in my kitchen cupboard to give the cats some of my special, crunchy, rainbow coloured cat biscuits before I take them back to the farm. I am so happy to be back home and I am very excited that I will soon have some new clothes made especially for me by my dear, talented, kind friend Kathy cat.  Love from Sherbetx

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