Wednesday, 9 May 2012

How delightful ! Mango is well again.

Oh what a delight !  I went into my garden bright and early this morning to water my plants, and there peeping out of his watering can was Mango! He was well !   What a wonderful surprise to see  that his little wrist was all mended and that Marise mouse had taken his bandage off. Mango climbed out of his home, jumped up on my shoulder and gave my ears a big hug. He was so happy to be well again. He told me that Marise mouse had looked after his little wrist very well. She had rubbed a special strong smelling ointment into it and it made it feel much better. Marise and Mango had enjoyed a delicious breakfast together of very smelly cheese and bread ( I must say I do not like smelly cheese myself but I know Mango just loves it and I hope Marise does as Mango did not have any other kind ! ) Marise had left early to get back to her own house as she had to water her spinach. Talking about spinach, I am still waiting for my newly planted spinach seeds to grow into little seedlings. Oh what a miracle it will be to see them popping out of the soil. I just cannot wait.  I wish you all a very blessed day full of rainbow coloured adventures. Love from Sherbetx

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