Friday, 25 May 2012

Sherbet sees a beautiful rainbow

It has been raining a lot today here at Clover Cottage.  It rained so hard at one point that I saw little rivers running through my garden. I know it made the frogs happy but my poor butterflies were hiding under the blackberry bush trying to keep dry. It has also been very windy. I was a bit afraid that my blackbirds would be blown out of their nest but when I looked up into the oak tree  there they all were safe and sound and all cuddled up together.  When the rain stopped, the sun came out and you can easily guess what I saw then. Up in the sky far far above my head  was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen . It seemed to spread it's rainbow coloured colours all over my garden and I watched as all the little creatures slowly peeped out from where they were sheltering and one by one they came out from their hidey holes to enjoy the rainbow with me. How lovely to share such a magnificent sight with all of my little creature friends.
After a few minutes the rainbow faded away and the earth had begun to dry a little. I decided it would be nice to try and plant some new vegetable seeds so I gathered up my basket of seeds and garden tools and sat patiently on my flowerpot waiting for the earth to become a little less sticky. I just always have to be careful because if it is too muddy I may get mud on my white woolly coat and that is just what I do not want to do as my shampoo never seems bubbly enough to get all of the mud out. I will talk to you all again soon, I am just going to have a little nap here on my flowerpot and wait for the sun to dry the earth a little more.  I am feeling really tired, my eyes are closing, it must be that my long trip home from Kathy Cat's house has worn me out!
 Love from Sherbetx 

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