Monday, 28 May 2012

Sherbet is delighted to share his breakfast with visitors

Well, usually as you know it is very quiet here at Clover Cottage, not a sound except for my birds, my frogs, my crunchy leaves underfoot, the distant sound of lambs and cows in the fields at Greengate farm and the slurping of the hedgehogs as they drink their milk. But this morning I woke to a big noise outside, I opened my kitchen door to have a look and there was a motor scooter parking outside my gate. It seemed that I had visitors. A happy faced dog and his little cat friend came walking up my garden path. They said they had been this way before and they wanted to visit the famous Sherbet Sheep while they were here. How delightful!  I do love to have someone to share my breakfast with. I invited them both in, sat them at my kitchen table and made them some toast (made from Pearl's delicious home made bread)  with some strawberry jam also made by Pearl. I am very lucky to always have an abundant supply of scrumptious jam and bread from my dear friend. I did not have any freshly squeezed orange juice this morning but I did make a lovely hot pot of mint tea made with mint from my herb garden. I chatted with my new friends for several hours before waving them goodbye at my garden gate. They were such nice company that I was a  little sad to watch them ride away along Wiggleway Lane. I do hope they visit again soon .

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