Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pearl makes a delectable cake for Sherbet

This morning Pearl came to help me in my garden. I always look forward to Pearl's visits as she has the wonderfully scrumptious habit of bringing me some kind of newly baked yummy thing. Today she walked into my kitchen carrying her basket and as usual a delightful aroma came in with her. It filled my kitchen with warmth and deliciousness.
She unwrapped the cloth that held the treat, and put a very delectable looking chocolate and coconut cake on my kitchen table. Oh what a delightful sight it was, it is a long time since I have had the great pleasure of eating some of Pearl's home made cake.
 As I had already had my breakfast, I told her that after we had finished our work, we would also invite Doodle and Mango to come and share the cake with us. It always feels special to share yummy things with my best friends.
 Pearl and I spent a lovey morning in my garden.  Pearl especially loves the flowers, she is really so happy when she can spend time weeding around my rainbow coloured blossoms. Oh, what a lovely delightful word!  BLOSSOMS, BLOSSOMS, BLOSSOMS !!
 She also loves, like me, to be close to all the little creatures that she finds living in the flowers.
Well, that is my little story for today, I cannot wait to eat some cake . Love from Sherbetx

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I so love the magic here! :)

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