Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Marise mouse takes care of Mango

Oh dear, I am a bit late writing my story today as my dear little mouse friend Mango fell into the leaf pile again.  He really is very naughty sometimes. The trouble is that this time he fell so hard that he hurt his little wrist and that is why I am late today. I heard him squeak in a painful, help me, kind of way and I rushed out from my kitchen to find him buried in the leaves that I had piled up yesterday.
 Oh dear, poor Mango. I wrapped a bandage around his wrist and told him to rest in his watering can.  Mango asked me to go and fetch Marise mouse, his friend from the house that leads off of Wiggleway Lane, so I ran there and  Marise very kindly said she would come and take care of Mango until he was better.  So, there they are now, both of them keeping each other company in Mango's red watering can. I do hope Mango gets better soon.  He is blessed to have Marise mouse as his kind, caring friend.  I know she will cook him very healthy food to make him get well very soon indeed. 

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