Saturday, 26 May 2012

A world full of big rainbow coloured circles of happiness

I feel so proud of my lovely vegetable garden. It is a true miracle that I can plant the tiniest little seeds in the ground and then not too long afterwards, some wonderful unseen creative magic makes whole rows of lettuce and carrots pop up out of the earth in my garden. What a wonderful blessing to have all of this rainbow coloured deliciousness that keeps me healthy and keeps my wool shiny.
 I have just remembered a lovely saying that Pearl sent to me, it was written on a postcard. It reminds me of my vegetable garden . It goes something like this:

Sow seeds in the garden of your brother and you will see them bloom in yours.

Pearl told me that it means that if we do good deeds to another we will see good things come back to us. Oh how lovely, how wonderful. The whole world would be so happy if everyone sowed seeds in everyone else's gardens. It would be a world full of big rainbow coloured circles of happiness going round and round and round and round for ever and ever. Oh my goodness that makes me feel dizzy. Love and good deeds indeed. from Sherbetx

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

Dear Sherbet,

I do so love to stop and visit you.
You always make me feel so good inside.

Have a wonderfully happy day!


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