Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sherbet has a delightful experience

I had the most delightful experience today.  I was just going into my kitchen to make my breakfast when I noticed a very young bird sitting on top of one of my picture frames.  I knew it wanted to find a way out and when it saw me it fluttered over to my kitchen window.  The window was closed and the bird was jumping up and down, bumping itself  against the clear glass. I went over to help it.  I had opened the window to let it out but it was still jumping around the window frame so I gently directed it to the open window. Do you know what happened next? The baby bird jumped onto my hand and just sat there, it was not afraid of me and was quite content. It was a very precious moment for me as it was of course a wild bird and it is not often I have the wonderful opportunity to have one of my garden birds sitting in my hand. I stood quietly and treasured those few moments with the innocent, trusting little bird and after a while it realized that the world it knew was just outside the open window so it flapped it’s little wings and off it went. I feel very blessed to have had that memorable encounter with the baby bird today. Love from Sherbetx


thecrazysheeplady said...

What a nice treat :-).

Sherbet Sheep said...

Yes, it was absolutely a huge treat for me. I must make sure that Mango remembers to put out the crumbs from his bread and cheese breakfast every day to help the little bird grow big and strong. Love from Sherbetx