Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sherbet is just sitting here wondering

Hello everyone. Here I am just sitting here.  Just sitting here wondering what I should do today. 
I could weed my garden or I could go to the nearby village to buy more seeds or I could visit Doodle in his art studio or I could go to Mango's watering can and ask if he would like to join me for breakfast or I could make a delicious rainbow coloured cake or I could go for a walk along Wiggleway Lane or I could write some letters to my friends that live far far away or I could read my books with wise words in and learn something that would make me be a better Sherbet Sheep or I could do some yoga or I could count the frogs in my pond.  Well, I could do one of those things or some of those things but I think I will just sit here where I am sitting and stay sitting here until I feel like not sitting here anymore . Love from Sherbetx

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