Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pearl bakes a delicious carrot cake

Yummy, Pearl is coming to Clover Cottage this morning to make me a delicious carrot cake.
 I have picked a basket full of fresh, juicy carrots from my garden and they are patiently waiting on my kitchen table for Pearl to arrive. Mango will come to help us, he loves to help when Pearl bakes cakes. While Pearl prepares the other ingredients, I will peel the carrots and Mango will grate them.  I am a little worried about Mango's delicate little hands, in case they get caught in the grater but he really wants to do it so I will just watch him carefully and have a box of plasters nearby just in case. I just cannot wait to smell that scrumptious cake as Pearl takes it out of the oven, I will invite Doodle over too today.  I hope he can take time away from his art studio to join us as it is so lovely to be able to share slices of warm delicious carrot cake with all of my friends. If we have any carrots left over, I will mix them with apples from my tree and make some really special carrot and apple juice. Oh, I am really looking forward to all of these wonderful treats today. I do wish you could all join us in the scrumptiousness that we have in store at Clover Cottage.  Love from Sherbetx 

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Anonymous said...

you need to post the recipe Sherbet so that all you friends in cyberspace can have a taste too!