Friday, 8 June 2012

Sherbet has an invasion of hairy caterpillars

I slept all morning yesterday, that is why you did not hear from me. I am still feeling worn out since my amazing Jubilee party. However, I am back at work in my garden as there is always so much to do. I must tell you that I have had an invasion of funny little hairy caterpillars and they are really being so naughty, enjoying themselves enormously, eating up all the leaves on my salad plants.
 Oh dear, I just do not know what to do, they are getting everywhere, even walking round and round the edges of my terracotta pots, going round and round and round and round until they are so dizzy that they fall off, well at least they don't eat the lovely basil and parsley that I am growing in those pots. I will just wait until tomorrow and if they are still there, I will have to invent a way to make them all leave my garden. Does anyone know something that caterpillars love to eat apart from the things in my garden, maybe I could put a saucer on the grass of something that they find more delicious than my lettuce. I wonder if they would like Pearl's blackberry preserve, I could try and put some down in a trail leading to my garden gate, maybe they will follow it and go away out to Wiggleway Lane.
I will wait until tomorrow then I will decide what to do. Love from Sherbetx

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