Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sherbet is going to visit Sheila Sheep at the seaside

Hello everyone,
 I feel like a bit of a change of scene so I have decided to go and visit Sheila Sheep at the seaside.
 I cannot wait to have lovely long walks along the beach and breathe in that delicious fresh sea air. I must tell you that I do so love the seagulls that swoop and fly above my head. I love to hear seagull noises first thing in the morning as I am waking up, sometimes I think I would like to be a seagull, they seem so light and free soaring towards the clouds, not at all like me in my big woolly coat. Sometimes though they can be very naughty indeed. I remember one time when I was sitting on the sand with Sheila Sheep enjoying a wonderful picnic when a seagull swooped right down and snatched my sandwich out of my hand! Now there is a funny thing - I just realised that I said SAND wich and I was sitting on the SAND !!
Anyway, yes, seagulls can be very naughty but I still love them just as I love all the creatures on this planet Earth.
I do hope it does not rain at the seaside as I do not want to have a soggy woolly coat on the beach but at the same time I do hope it rains at Clover Cottage while I am away so that my one pink rose and my vegetable garden stay healthy and happy. I will talk to you all when I get back, I will be away for a few days. I am so looking forward to seeing Sheila Sheep again as I do miss her so much and I am also secretly hoping that I will find Fifi Fish at the same place in the sea as I last saw her. Oh there is so much to look forward to. Love from Sherbetx  

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