Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sherbet has a very scary dream

 Oh my goodness!
 I woke up this morning feeling quite afraid.
 I had a very scary dream last night.  I dreamed that there were hundreds of  big cats eyes staring at me,  but they did not have any cat's heads on them, they were just eyes!  Eyes of all different colours and sizes.  They were coming closer and closer and closer and I could not move.  I tried to close my own eyes so as not to look at them but I was in a dream and I could not close my eyes. I felt the cats eyes getting bigger and bigger and filling my whole bedroom. I was stuck and petrified and just as the eyes all started to cover me up completely I woke up. What a huge relief to wake up ! I was saved ! Even though I woke up afraid I soon realised that it had all been just a dream. Phew !  Love from a just woken up scared Sherbetx

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