Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sherbet woke up early to do some yoga

Phew, here I am again and as you can see I woke up very early this morning to do some yoga in my garden.
I know that Marise mouse would be so proud of me.  I also know that yoga is very good for me and it keeps me healthy and strong and peaceful.  I am sure that I will work much better at my many garden tasks today as I feel so energetic.  I must ask Marise mouse if she would be so kind as to come and teach Mango, Doodle and Pearl some yoga too.  It would be so wonderful to all gather together in my garden under the oak tree and  do yoga to the sounds of the birds in trees and to have the gentle breeze blowing around our ears.
Oh yes, it really does seem like the best idea I have had in ages. 
 Afterwards we could all have a deliciously refreshing pot of herb tea made from the mint in the garden,  which by the way is running wildly all around my strawberry plants and is very naughty indeed!
Love from a very healthy  upside down Sherbetx

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