Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sherbet invents a healthy rainbow coloured recipe

 Oh, look what I have found in my vegetable garden !  How absolutely scrumptious !
I am so delighted that I have found some ripe, purple aubergines ( or maybe you call them eggplant if you live in a different country to me )
I also picked 2 huge ripe, red peppers and some tomatoes, chilli peppers and garlic.
 I am sure I can create a delicious rainbow coloured meal for my friends.  I will invite Doodle, Pearl and Mango to Clover Cottage to share a meal with me this evening.
I do so love cooking, especially with my very own home grown food. I know that when Pearl arrives this evening she will bring one of her delicious home made fruit pies. It is always such a delight to see her coming through my front door, carrying her basket with the still warm pie inside.  Oh, the aroma that wafts in with her just cannot be compared to anything else on this earth.
I have to go now to start inventing my new, healthy, rainbow coloured recipe.
 I will see you tomorrow, when hopefully there will still be some of Pearl's delectable pie left over for me to enjoy again. I wish you could all be here to share it with me.  YUMMY!  Love from Sherbetx

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