Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sherbet is having a very blessed and magical day

Ah, what beautiful flowers I have in my garden.  What an absolute joy it is to be sitting here with this soft floral fragrance  surrounding me. What a wonderful time of year it is.
I just love the colours of my flowers so much and Oh, what delectable scents they all have. I feel like putting some flowers behind my ears and dancing around my garden in sheer delight.
In fact I think I will.  I will dance and dance and I will sing and sing and I will jump and jump around with joy and I will laugh and laugh and I will roll around in the grass and just spend my day with a big smile on my face being the  happiest Sherbet Sheep that I can be.
This day is just full to the brim with  magical blessings.  How absolutely wonderful !  I wish I could share it with everyone in the whole wide world.   Love from Sherbetx 

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