Friday, 6 July 2012

Sherbet is a little bit worried

Oh dear, I am a little bit worried today because it was Sheila sheep's birthday yesterday and I am not sure if the postman with the red van has delivered her present yet.  I do hate to be late with things, but as Sheila sheep lives far far away at the seaside, it is a long way for the postman to drive to.
 I will just have to be patient.  Pearl always tell me that patience is a virtue and that everything is always alright in the end.
 Anyway, what I am going to do to stop me worrying is to give Sheila sheep this lovely pot of flowers in my thoughts, as I know that it is always the thought that counts the most.  I know that she will catch my thoughts in her head and receive the flowers. So until the postman delivers her gift, she will be happy to have the thoughtful flowers.
   I do so hope she had lots of fun on her birthday and I do so especially hope that she had a scrumptious birthday cake to share with Mark mole and maybe even Fifi fish, if she could find her.  If Sheila sheep could have been here at Clover Cottage we would have had a party and Pearl would have baked one of her most delicious cakes.  I wish everyone good and lovely thoughts today as thoughts really do count!
Love from Sherbetx

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