Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sherbet is invited to ride on a canal boat on the river

 Oh what a wonderful adventure I am having today.  I have been invited to ride on a canal boat on a beautiful stretch of river in the countryside. As you can see I am wearing my best dungarees that were made especially for me by Kathy cat.  I had to ride my bike quite a long way to get here but what a delightful time I am having!  Here you can see me sitting inside and sitting outside on the boat. I must say I found it hard to keep my balance perched on the edge of the boat like that and I was worried that I may feel a little sea sick (or river sick) but I was very brave, I kept my head up and concentrated on rainbow coloured thoughts.
  I am now sitting inside the boat just watching the view of the river bank as it goes by,  I am hoping to see some swans and ducks.  It is all so exciting as I have never been on a boat like this before.  I do wish you could all be here with me as it really is such fun.
I don't want this adventure to end, I do so love adventures! I am sending you all hugs and blessings from the middle of this peaceful river and hope that you all have a lovely day too.
Love Sherbetx


fengirl said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself Sherbet...what a brave little sheep you are xx

thecrazysheeplady said...

What a great adventure!