Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sherbet is knitting a purple scarf

Oh what a lovely sunny day it is today.  I have decided to sit on my grass and knit a scarf for my dear friend Sheila sheep who lives at the seaside.  She loves the colour purple and last time I saw her she told me that her neck gets very cold in the blowy, seaside wind.  Even though she has a cuddly woolly coat just like me, it seems that she is a little bit more delicate and a little bit thinner than me so she feels the cold more.  The scarf is nearly finished now and I love knitting so much that I think I will knit one for myself.  It does get very cold here at Clover Cottage in the winter time and I know that I have to wrap myself up warmly when I go out to make my snowmen and give the hedgehogs their milk every day.  (Oh I nearly forgot, I wonder if my hedgehogs will be hibernating for the winter months. I must remember to ask them )  Winter, winter, winter.  Brrrr !  It makes me shiver to think of it.  I am so blessed to have this sunny day today and I am going to enjoy it because time just seems to be whizzing by and before I know it,  my garden will be covered with snow again. Love from Sherbetx

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thecrazysheeplady said...

You are quite stylish Sherbet :-D.