Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sherbet is thinking of his animal friends all over the world

Happy, blessed, peaceful Sunday to all of my friends both nearby and far far away.  I am sitting happily here in my kitchen writing letters to Kathy cat,  Sheila  sheep and   Reginald rabbit.  I know that Reginald rabbit now lives really far far far far far away and the letter may only reach him in his thoughts, but I  feel like talking to him so I am writing it anyway.
 I am also thinking today of all my animal friends that live all over our planet earth.  Oh how I wish I could invite them all to Clover Cottage to share this Sunday with me.  I am sure it would be a little crowded but what fun we would have.  Can you imagine how many new friends I would make.
And of course, all the little creatures in my garden would meet them all too. Oh what a wonderful thought, to share my Sunday with so many new friends, big and small,  from all over this great big world of ours. Oh dear, I am running away with myself. I must go now and find the postman with the red van and give him my letters.  Love from Sherbetx

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