Thursday, 26 July 2012

Oh dear, Sherbet is worried about Kizzy horse again

Oh dear,  I am little bit worried today.  The postman with the red van brought me a letter from Kathy cat. The letter said that Kizzy had fallen in her stable while she was trying to get up after her nights sleep.  Kathy told me it was not as bad as before but it is clear that Kizzy is getting very old and much weaker.  Oh poor Kizzy and poor Kathy cat who loves her so much.  I am sending them rainbow coloured thoughts and lots of love to make Kizzy well and strong again.
 I have been thinking about Kizzy when she was young and healthy.  She so  loved to run around in the fields with her friends from the farm.  Now she lives a quiet peaceful life and thank goodness she has a friend like Kathy cat who comes to take her out in the forest where they enjoy each others company so very much.  Get well soon Kizzy,  I do hope you are soon back on your feet with no nasty aches and pains to stop you from your lovely woodland walks.  Love and blessings from Sherbetx

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thecrazysheeplady said...

Get well soon Kizzy!