Friday, 13 July 2012

Mango brings Sherbet some delectable cherries

Rainbow coloured blessings to you all this fine morning.
 I am sitting here on my kitchen doorstep listening to the delightful twittering and chirping of my birds as they play in the oak tree.   I must tell you that I have seen lots of newly built nests around my garden and I am so excited to think that new baby birds will be born soon.
I know though also that I have to watch very carefully in case any eggs or newly born babies fall out onto the grass.  I do so hope that doesn't happen as that would be very sad for me.  I am also a little afraid that the naughty cat from Greengate farm may come around to look for them.
 Earlier this morning,  my dear little mouse friend Mango, who lives in the watering can in my garden, came to visit me.  What a kind loving little mouse he is!   He brought me 2 delicious cherries to have for my breakfast.  What a treat!  I do not have a cherry tree in my garden so I savoured every tiny little bite of those delectable cherries.  I have asked Mango to come to share my dinner with me this evening, he doesn't eat much as he is so tiny and he does not fit very well on my kitchen chairs, but I have a special little corner on my tablecloth where he can sit quite comfortably and enjoy his meal.  I am so blessed to have a sweet little friend like Mango living in my garden.
 Love from Sherbetx

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